Design your dream home

Luxury Property in Northern Cyprus

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own dream home? With Nohara Estates you can!

We have highly professional and experienced staff in our team at your service to help you create the home of your dreams.

We will be truly honoured to have the opportunity to guide you through the design and build of your dream home and right from the start we want to understand who you are, how you want to use each space, and all the details that are important to you! We also want to give you the opportunity to get to know us, our work ethic, and a chance to see how passionate we are about your project.

After we have achieved a full understanding of your wants and needs our architects and design team will create a custom design proposal for you. The preliminary design includes sketches that will evolve into the room layout and exterior views your dream home will include.

When the look and flow of the home feels just right to you, we will develop construction-grade documents and 3D videos that will show you every little detail of your new home and allow us to estimate building costs and give you all the information needed to begin building your masterpiece.

The design process is a partnership requiring dependable communication between our staff and you. Because we are committed to giving you a design that exceeds your expectations, when we are chosen to also build your home, we fully waive the design proposal fee!

Nohara Estates has for several years worked closely with reputable and trustworthy construction companies. We also have very good plots, in some of the most desirable areas, in our portfolio. Therefore, we are proud to say that we are best at offering you a dream home built according to your wishes, thoughts and ideas. With a new production home you have the opportunity to influence or completely decide the floor plan, the design, the choice of tiles, style of kitchen, underfloor heating, interior design and much more.

Many times, the purchase of a home off-plan or under contraction means buying from a drawing. Nohara Estates offers so much more and gives opportunities for the buyer to get a feel for the home through 3D renderings, construction oversight and continuous communication, among other things.

Benefits of buying new production:
1. More personal
2. Everything is new – everything from the floor plan and the fixed interior to the appliances
3. High standards
4. Payment Terms
5. Longer guarantee on the accommodation
6. Good conscience for the environment
7. Plan your move in peace and quiet